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About USA Crystals

USA Crystals is a website that evolved from a personal study of chakras relating to natural crystals and their effects on humans. Was it a real effect? It was sort of like hearing people see UFOs and whether or not to believe them. What proof did they have. Is it real? Well I was standing out on my back deck a little after midnight about three years ago and a large orange orb floated by me and floated upwards to clear the treeline and sailed away. I was amazed. I remember not moving as I saw the orb silently drift away . It was obvious it was under some sort of control by its movements. I would not have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. Next there is the afterlife like ghosts and reincarnation. Now I have never seen a ghost that I know of but I come from a family, my mother and grandmother specifically that claim they have seen ghosts of some of their dead relatives. I'll go into their stories in another post. That's where my interests in ghostly tales or reincarnation stories come from (and even premonitions). Are they real? I try to find out. My sister is a clairvoyant. She reads tarot cards and takes people into past lives etc. So my interest in seeing the future or past is intrigued. Is it real? I aim to find out. I'm not one to exploit people. I want to know the answer to these questions myself and this website combines all my questions into a common place of study. I have no reason to fool the readers. I want to know the truth and for this reason I will only post things that I believe are remarkable. If you have some stories, photos or evidence of these interests please let me know and contribute to the study. Also you might inquiry as to why the website is named usacrystals. Domain names are hard to come by now. So usacrystals.com was an easy to remember name and so I claimed it. No other reason.